About Chris Malone

Aloha, dudes and dudettes! I love telling stories, and I think cartoons are the best way to do that.

I've been cartooning basically my whole life, but started getting serious about it around 2004 by starting my first webcomic, Blue and Blond, which I kept up for 9 years and published 4 books out of it. It's a bromance about 2 surfers from New Jersey who leave their small-town life behind and surf the world. Oh, and they also have a pet guinea pig who can surf too.

In addition to comics, I'm an animator as well! I worked as an illustrator and key framer for seasons 5 through 7 of the Emmy-winning show, Archer. Along with the awesome and talented Secret Sauce animation team, I created HUD designs and did cleanup work on the animated Battleborn cutscenes. I created a few Blue and Blond animated shorts as well, with the help of some Funimation voice actors.

I completed my MFA in Sequential Art from Savannah College of Art and Design (Atlanta), and I'm currently writing and illustrating my new graphic novel, the Steele Society. I'm also working as an animatic artist on the Cyanide and Happiness animated shorts.

As for personal stuff about me, I'm crazy about guinea pigs, and when I surf, I prefer longboards to shortboards.